Sunday, November 14, 2010

Been A While...

Hello Everyone!

These past few days have been good. I've gotten alot accomplished with school work; the weather has  been lovely; cleaned my room; took a few walks; re-read a book (of course); and re-organized all my binders; made some head-way on the 3 books I've got in the's been very productive :)

Today, the ever-wonderful Glen Jones, told me at church that I need to update this thing. So, here I am. He is absolutly awesome and makes me smile all the time. Here's a shout-out to Glen!!! WHOO HOO!! GO GLEN!!

Haha, that was fun :D gotta love to laugh. 

Friday, after school, there was light rain, cloudy, windy...basically the weather I prefer. So, what do I do? Naturally, I go for a walk on the trails/woods by my house. I saw a crane where the stream had filled up from the rain and decided to stalk it. I went off the trails, into the brush, over and under trees (I felt like an incredibly awesome person) all the while, silently stalking the bird...UNTIL, I sneezed and tripped over a fallen log...jeez... You could say that I got muddy :D The crane flew off :(

Then, Friday night, Delaney and i went to Southlake and saw Due Date. And, I gotta say, I wasn't real impressed. The only funny parts were in the trailer, the rest was lame and innapropriate...GOOD ONE HOLLYWOOD

I've decided which college I would LOVE to attend!! Emerson College, in Boston. They are #1 in Creative Writing, Literature, and Publishing. Which are, conviently, everything I am interested (except perhaps Art History and Medival/Ancient History) Emerson is in the heart of Boston's theatre and historical district! YAY!

Gotta go
Later Loves

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