Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Morning

Hello world!

Thank the Lord for daylight savings! <3

Yesterday, I mentioned going to Sonic with Sierra and saying hi to my people and Stefan, then Sierra and I went to Southlake. Sadly, we did not stay for very long. I came home and started cleaning...tedious task. Anyway, I made the house perfection. AND i baked cookies haha. Went to bed, book in hand, around 10.

This morning, I should've gone to churce, but could not get my lazy butt moving :( I shall be in attendance tonight though. So far I have made breakfast, cleaned the kitchen again haha. And messed around on the computer, mostly looking up songs and singing very loudly :D

The #1 thing on my ToDo List for today is go around to random people's houses and ask if I can hang signs of encouragement on their fences. It is a fabulous idea, there are so many people that go through out their lives without a compliment, reassurance, or a smile. It is my goal to put a stop to that and impact as many people as I it Community Outreach or a Fabulous Idea :)

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