Friday, November 19, 2010

True Love by Phil Wickham

I'm listening to True Love by Phil Wickham, it is currently my favourite song in the universe!!! It has such a good message and moves me to tears.

Today was eventfull! Tis be the day we get out for Thanksgiving Break!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!! Since the 11th grade did not do a party, during last period, we went around to all the other classes that was doing a party and chilled with them. Great fun. Then, I completly re-organized and cleanedc Mrs. Colvin's room, it looks auh-some. Goverment was looking a little bleak, there was a quiz and I was supposed to give my presentation on Goverment Styles in Ancient Greece. But, since it is almost Thanksgiving, Coach Farris was generous and told me I could do it when we got back. I promptly did my happy dance in my chair and was judged by my classmates haha. The quiz wasn't bad, I did well :) But what was REALLY suprising was in Algebra2, there was a quiz....and....I....NAILED IT!!!! YEAH YEAH!!! I was so pleased :) in Theatre Production, the Christmas Around the World globe got all painted and looks purdy. After lunch, my new best friend, Matt Stacy, gave me a pack of starbursts!!!! Totally random and Totally loved!!! THANKS HUN!!

In an hour and a half, the gang and I are going to kick off Thanksgiving Break with a party! What shall we do? WATCH SCARY MOVIES! That's right :D me, the one person that almost pees her pants in Signs, is going to watch scary movies!! SOOO EXCITED!!! ADRANALIN RUSH!!! Plus, Blake may come. Which is fantastic! I truly hope he comes; haven't seen him in a while :/

Oh well, I'm off to be productive :)

Farewell Friends, Later Loves

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