Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What can I do to pass the time?

Depressing moment in my life right now...I have read all my books *gasp* I feel empty....

Today was a good day, for the most part. I woke up, went to school, did fantastic in American Lit, stayed awake in World Views (not an easy task mind you), lunch, Theatre Production was good (made a set design), chapel, and Foreign Language. Today was very productive :)

Then I came home...*sigh*...I wish I could say that everything was just peachy and that I was on my way to the varsity basketball games tonight, BUT I'm not :( Claire and I butted heads again and something not very good came out of my mouth (TOTAL ACCIDENT!!!!!) and she ran off to my mother to ask what it meant. Great...

Now, I'm sentenced to my room for the remainder of the night...like I am 5 years old. Did she get in trouble, NO! How could you even ask that?

Oh well, what do I normally do when I'm holed up in my room...hmm...I READ! BUT I CAN'T DO THAT!!!! AHHHHHH

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